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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  February 12, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PST

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the west, i'll tell you. it's that warmer temperament starting to see those in the south bay. did see those in the south bay yesterday. high pressure says, "i nd of like being in california." not much of a breeze. yesterday was an okay breeze for some. showing signs of being offshore. that means everything is going up and over. most of those continue to show more to the north than anywhere else. 40s, 50s on the temps. we'll see if we can pop up a 30 or 10. right now it necessary the 40s for many or upper 40s. alamo at 42, one of the coolest. most of the cloud cover will thin out today or just kind of be in the north bay. hazy skies, chilly lose. not as cold as yesterday morning. warm in the south bay. i think southern end of the peninsula as well. high clouds hazy to a mid-70s. good morning. off to a decent start as we
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head out to thursday. if you're trying to get out on the road, let's go up and see what we have to see here. traffic is doing well approaching the bridge. has been nice. no major problems getting into san francisco. s a looking at the commute here on interstate 880, the traffic continues to move very well as you drive-through. checking out the south bay commute, and all the freeways here, 85 northbound, 101, all those freeways into the silicone valley, and even out of it. all the freeways, period, are doing well. it's 5:01. let's go back to the desk. san jose police shot and killed a man yesterday. he was accused of going into someone else's house, and the investigation in the shooting is far from over. ktvu fox two reporter georgia mean de la vega joining news san jose where friends of the suspect say police did not have to use deadlyers. >> reporter: they are upset about that. quiet in this neighborhood where this all happened.
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s it near downtown, near south first street and alma. earlier police say they heard gunshots and a woman screaming. at five yesterday afternoon, police received a 911 call from someone inside the home in the 1300 block of sherman street, who told them a man carrying a knife entered the home. the caller said the person needing help was locked in his upstairs bedroom. officers found a man outside the home armed with a knife. they say they ordered him to drop his weapon. instead he charged at them. that's when the officers opened fire. the man was taken to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead. those who knew him are in shock. >> really sad. this boy was not into gangs. he was a football player, very athletic. i i don't know what happened today. he's a good kid. a very good kid. >> reporter: friend of the man shot say he was 25 years old, the father of a
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little girl who lived in the neighborhood with her mother and grandmother. they also say he was on the football team from a local college. police have collected evidence at the scene. they've talked to people in the neighborhood, trying to figure out what the p man was doing at the house and why he had a weapon. the two officers involved in the shooting on administrative leave. both had been with the department seven to eight years p. shooting left a lot of people in this neighborhood shaken up. back to you. thank you. time is now 5:03. police in milpedas identified someone they call a person of interest in last week's crash that killed a 14-year-old girl. they're searching for this man, alec alkazar they say owned the car involved in the crash with a garbage truck. police say albazar's car crashed into a garbage truck. investigators fouled a trail of debris. they found the cadillac a half
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mile away. the body of a 14-year-old girl was found next to the door. police say she died from injuries suffered in the crash. if you have any information about alex alcazar, call police. an alert after confirming the county's first case of measles. they believe bart riders were exposed. car area moriarty joins us from lafayette, the bart station there, where the infected person began and ended their commute last week. tara? >> reporter: that's right. it happened wednesday and thursday and friday of last week. we know they traveled between here and san francisco's montgomery street station. happened during the morning and commute. the hours between 6 and 8:00 a.m. as well as 7 to 9 p.m. in a news conference yesterday, health officials reveal that the unnamed person was a linked in employee who also ate at an eno kitchen. bart said it carries 25,000
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people on average for those three days, with about 115, 120 people per car during that commute. >> if i have theses, any person in the p room even after we leave can become infected with measles. >> reporter: health officials say it's very unlikely someone who's vaccinated could become a carrier of measles. they didn't say how the linked in employee was exposed. he or she is recovering at home. this is the first confirmed case of these unless contra costa county this year. live in lafayette, i'm tara moriarty. back to you. >> potentially exposed a lot of people. thank you, tara. 5:05 is the time. new information that the ant i don't care teenager accused of courtshipping and raping a pizza delivery woman may have a criminal paps. 17-year-old dare indian miles, jr., was in court, but his arraignment was postponed. miles arrested sunday hours after the attack on a pizza delivery driver.
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officials confirm he was wearing the type of gps ankle monitors used for pal lees, but they are not saying why he was wearing that monitor. miles' facebook page makes reference -- police have decided to charge the teenager as an adult because of the seize your nature of the crime, and prosecutors say the ankle monitor will be useful in the case because it will pinpoint miles' whereabouts it day of the assault. police in the sacramento area are searching for a man they say killed his girlfriend weeks after he was released from prison under the controversial reawe line. program. elk grove police say moses valdez accused of killing his girlfriend and mother of two this past november. police say he's a gang member, has an extensive criminal history. valdez was released from prison last august under the new state realign. program. >> again, another so-called not violent offender with a violent history being released to our neighborhoods under prison
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realign. and marketed to the public as a low-level offender. >> in 1995, valdez pled guilty to two counts of manslaughter in 2009 he pleaded no contest to recklessly fleeing from a police officer. anyone with information about valdez is asked to contact the elk grove police department. time is 5:70. a public hearing in san brew know about a controversial plan for local schools, it's been postponed until next week, because too many people wanted to be at that hearing. parents and teachers packed the school board district office, and the temperatures inside was so warm, people were fanning themselves with their protest signs. they all wanted to know what the school district plans to do to close a $2 million deficit in the upcoming school year. >> district is having to live with it. really having to size itself correctly going forward into 2015, ú16. >> some of the parents and teacher fear schools are going to be closed, teachers will get bigger
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classes, and salaries will be cut. teachers say they haven't had a pay raise in nine years. the school board ended up canning last night's meeting because so many people inside made it up safe. the rescheduled hearing set for wednesday night at park side middle school, which by the way, has more space to handle the crowds. starting this morning, some bay area teenagers will turn off and turn in their cell phones, their ipads, and they're going to be tech-free three days. this is part of a nationwide tech time-out challenge. starting at 8:00 this morning, students at sacred heart school in san francisco will seal up their tech devices in envelopes in a big school assembly. this is the first bay area school to take part in this challenge. officials there say it's a chance for the students to understand how much their lives are built around and depend on technology and how they should refocus
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on real-life relationships. president obama headed for the bay area today. coming up in 20 minutes, we're going to tell you what is on his agenda and how silicon valley will play a key role in the president's visit. >> plus eighth graders given a word search puzzle. it included explicit words, like "bondage," "leather." what the teacher is saying about that controversial assignment. >> good morning. we're looking at a commute where traffic on 101 looks pretty good headed down to 580 in marin county. no major problems, by the way, if you are driving across that richmond bridge. >> it's too warm. northern california near 90 degrees for some in south lake tahoe yesterday. 54, a record high. that's 6 record high this is month. it will be warm here as well.
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pal low alto police are hoping a surveillance photo will help track down a man who they say groped another man inside a bathroom at a macy's store. happened at the stanford shopping center yesterday. police say the suspect grabbed another man while he was using a urinal. the suspect is described as latino, in his 0s. he was last seen with a red sweatshirt and brown carpenter pants. . police are looking into whether or not the same man is responsible for an incident on monday inside the women's bathroom at the coverly community center in
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palo alto. they say a man with a similar description is suspected of peeping over the top of a bathroom stall, taking pictures of a woman with his cell phone. the man ran off when she started yelling. time is now 5:12. we know the name of a person whose headless torso was found in a suitcase in san francisco. the medical examiner used dna information. they have confirmed the victim is 58-year-old omar shawan of valet owe. had been a roommate with the deceased suspect, mark andrews. ktvu talked to shawan's father who remembered meeting his son's suspected killer. now, he said -- and i'm quoting -- "he's supposed to be his friend. i didn't like him. the man doesn't look to me that he's decent. that's probably why he killed my son, because my son wanted to get away from him. prosecutors had detained and questioned andrews about thatting, but they didn't file charges, later released him, citing a lack of
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evidence. four days later, andrews died in the hospital of drug-related illnesses. father tells ktvu he's looking for more information from the district attorney about why andrews was let go. new this morning a breakthrough in marry time peace talks aimed at ending the crisis in ukraine. all parties in talks have agreed to a cease fire beginning midnight saturday along with an agreement for both sides to pull back heavy weapons. vladimir putin was involved in the talks along with ukraine indian president. if the cease fire holds, it could end a ten-month conflict that has killed more than 5,000 people, most of them civilians. same-sex cup unless al are still fighting for marriage licenses, and they're taking their cases back to federal court to get the state to comply with the circuit court ruling. the four couples filed the initial lawsuit to overturn al's ban on same-sex marriages. on monday, the u.s. circuit court said it will allow
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and let stand a federal judge's ruling declaring the ban unconstitutional. however, al's chief justice ordered the state's judges to ignore that federal ruling. some parents in pennsylvania are expressing 50 shades of anger after students received an r-rated word search. yesterday an eighth grade student brought home the word search, saying it was handed out by his teacher. some of the words included in the puzzle are "bondage," "leather," "cuffs," and erotic." others aren't appropriate for television. the school board says they are investigating the incident. one board member says it was a mistake, but the teacher collected the puzzle back from the students once the teacher realized what kind of words were in the word search. one copy was then taken by a student, who then posted it on social media. in france, children as young as 12 will be able to see "50 shades of grey" in
5:16 am
movie theaters. the classification president said it is not a movie that will shock people. here in the u.s., the movie is rated r. in britain, you have to be 18 to watch it. the entire movie has been banned in ma laboria because of the dominant missive relationship between the two named characters. in france, kids can go see it. >> interesting. time is 5:16. we can see sal. he's right over there. what do you see in our commute? >> we see a good commute. off to a good start. i'm approve being commute. take a look at what we have. traffic move along nicely in some areas. it is a nice drive, getting up to highway 17. . as a matter of fact, if i take a look at the entire freeway system by maps, you can see green, a little yellow, which means a little slowing. not a lot of red. one ramp that seems a little red. the rest of the ramps and
5:17 am
freeways are doing well so far in the south bay. bay bridge toll plaza, we don't have a big crowd just yet. usually we don't have the metering lights turned on until 5:45. waiting for that. you can get a nice drive into san francisco. it's 516. let's go to steve. . we do have warmer temps also here if you're -- i got a business over there in santa cruz. it will be about 77 over in santa cruz today. that's 6 this month. they'll probably set one the next 4 days. that's just -- come on. this is getting bad. if you look at visible satellite, there's no snow. i mean, it's just sad. what are you going to do? everything is in the east. it's in the northern plains and the east, the deep south, great lakes, just not here. california records, yesterday,
5:18 am
long beach was 87. about 90 today. camarillo was 83. unbelievable. records possible, northern california and tahoe. might as well be june. dry pattern continues. don't see anything. a nice week on tap. i guess we'll accentuate the positive, so to speak. up and over she goes. there's plenty of energy. deep system. there's what we call a little dip here, then there must be -- that's what's over us now. it's going to stick around for awhile. as this builds northward, it's just driving brutally cold air into the northern plains. get temperatures in just a second. a lot of high clouds yesterday. there will be less today. lows are up a little bit today by about 2 to 5 degrees. there are 50s in areas that were in the 40s yesterday. woodside 40, 46palo alto. belmont 51. those are all warmer than yesterday at this time. we'll cool off for two hours or
5:19 am
so. it's mid-, upper 0s, near 60 degrees already, and there will be lot of 90s. where is the cold air? right there. look at this plunge. st. louis 14, chicago 9, minneapolis 3 below. you get an idea what's going on. watch how everything -- a ridge sends all these systems, edmonton, winnipeg, cavs them out over most of the country. there are signs a rather strong nor'easter may develop. the pattern looks like it's here for seven to ten days. what we have here is warm temps, occasionally -- a few high clouds. with sinking air, warmer air aloft, hint of easterly breeze, there's fog in the valley. not much around here. mostly cloudy and warm. very warm south bay. in fact, temperatures starting to bump up yesterday. if you lose those clouds, it really feels warm. tend to favor the peninsula south bay more. everybody is above average on
5:20 am
the temps. that will continue into the weekend. i don't see much change for awhile. >> boston is about to get 10:00 in. >> yes they are. >> at first you thought we might get a little rain. >> 0. >> not looking great. time is now 5:20. the golden state warriors, they're just rolling into the all star break, and they have the best record in the. last night they beat the minnesota timber wolves despite blowing a 14-point lead. the warriors record, 42-9, the team's best record before an all star weekend. seth carry, he kept doing that. he had 25 points. oh that's clay thompson. thompson had 14. the two are headed to the all star game. both will be starters as head coach steve kerr, he'll be coaching the western conference team. 5:20 is the time now.
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the state fish and wildlife department says it appears to be marine diesel fuel, but we don't know where it came from. sand else have been sent to a lab. . oil leaked into the bay from the shell refinery in martinez tuesday afternoon. shell officials say the leak appeared to have been the result of tests being conducted on the crude oil line. employees deployed absorbent boom to try to recover the oil. . a sea land pup is recover being morning after becoming stranded in the san francisco bay. it's one of a record number of sick sea lions found off the california coast in
5:25 am
recent weeks. the pup is being treated at the marine mammal center. biologists have named him persevera for his perseverance. a ranger found the pup yesterday near fork function ten, a half mile away from the ocean. the ranger came across parked cars, and thought there was an accident. instead he saw the seal pup >> biteing the blankets, biting the tote. didn't know what was going on. once he got set unleaded the tote, he calmed down, had a successful ride. >> biologists at the marine mammal center hope to get persevera's weight back up in four to five weeks so they can release them. the center says already this year it has treated more than 100 sick california sea lions. wow. time is 5:25. the bridge is a step closer to getting a new lane and a bike path. toll officials voted yesterday to approve more than $4 and a half million in funding to finish the design of restripeing the
5:26 am
bridge for a new eastbound lane and a bike and pedestrian lane in both directions. officials say the extra eastbound lane, that eel help reduce traffic jams during the evening commute. the combined cost of the project, budgeted at $74 million. that work still needs state as well as federal approval. walkers and bikers using the new path on the eastern span of the bay bridge, you're going to have to wait a little longer to cross all the way to yerba buena island. bridge officials say the path will be finished about six months later than planned. the delay caused by a lack of parts, also a slower than expected demolition of the old bridge, which had to be removed to make room for the paths to connect with y ex-rba buena island. the new date expected to be open in december of this year. you probably guessed i didn't win the powerball jackpot. i'm here. it wasn't the jackpot, though.
5:27 am
there's still a big winner in the bay area after last night's powerball drawing. we'll tell you where that lucky ticket was purchased. >> and, dave, the president headed to the bay area today. more on why he's here, and the issues he's facing abroad. >> we're looking at a commute that is getting busier in the east bay. you can see highway 4 here. tell you more about all the approaches coming up to the main commute routes. >> well high pressure is large and in charge for california. statewide it looks warm not only here, but also here, southern california. some of the recordses will be broken, near 09 southern california, 70 today.
5:28 am
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agag ' >֖ someone infected with measles got on bart. coming up, tara moriarty will have more on who may be at risk. you're going to want to hear this. welcome back, thursday, february 12. this i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. it is 5:30, right on the dot. check in with steve. a little calm weather. >> statewide. >> statewide. very warm in northern california. >> 90. long beach will be about 90 today, which is -- >> wow. crazy. >> santa cruz, by the way, i'm
5:31 am
going 77 there. if you want to sneak over, anywhere on the coast, looks pretty good. a few high clouds, but there will be a lot less today than we saw yesterday. it is showing signs of being an off-shore breeze. with that mind, lows are little warmer. mostly clear, cool morning. getting very warm, as you can see. there's high clouds. that's all there's going to be. off-shore breeze, northern california, temperatures 15 to 20 degrees above normal. higher clouds, again more towards it north. for us, 40s on the temps for most, 0s for some, 54 the city, 54 oakland airport, 50 san jose state meteorology department. there's your warm air aloft. at the surface, still 40, but so far haven't seen any 30s yet. doesn't mean we won't see any. yesterday a lot of these higher clouds came through. today they are pushing north. they'll continue to do that for awhile. high clouds to the north, chilly lows, but not as cold as yesterday. it will be warm, south bay,
5:32 am
parts of the peninsula, maybe where you are as well. the warmest temps will be toward the santa clara valley. mid-70s for some, upper 60s to 70s for others. all right, sal. i've done all i can do so far on the temps. how is that traffic? it's actually good, steve. we're not too bad out there. starting to see some slow traffic. going to see the east shore freeway. start there on 80 westbound as you drive from the carcinas bridge, 18-minute drive. there are no major problems as you head down to the toll plaza. when you get to the toll plaza, about a 20-minute drive to san francisco if you're waiting at the end of the line all the way into the city. looks good into the city. there are no major problems there. i do want to mention the traffic in contra costa county looks good. as we move to the south bay, northbound 101, this traffic moving along nicely into the valley. let's go back to the desk. >> topping our news locally, there's now a confirmed
5:33 am
case of measles in goes et cetera con to county. we are learning the infected person road bart three times last week. more on the details just released by health officials. tara? >> reporter: they are telling us the person, he or she, got on the train last wednesday, thursday, and friday, and ended their trip in san francisco at the montgomery street station. they rode the train during peak commute hours in the morning and evening. hours we're talking about are between 6 and 8:00 a.m., and 7 to 9:00 p.m. in a press conference yesterday, health officials revealed that the unnamed person was a linked in employee, who also ate at an e and o kitchen on sutter street wednesday night. bart said it carried 25,000 people on average for those three days with about 115 to 130 people per train car at the peak of the commute. >> i just think that everybody should be vaccinated. a disease we thought was
5:34 am
eradicated. you have to think of others, especially on a train like this. >> reporter: health officials say it is highly unlikely someone who has been vaccinated could become a carrier of measles. they did not say how the person was exposed, but we know he or she is recovering at home. this isn't the first confirmed case of these unless contra costa county so far this year. we have been getting reaction from folks coming into bart this morning. most of them have been saying bart has been doing a good job. a risk you take when you decide to take public transportation. live from lafayette, i'm tara moriarty, back to you >> pretty good attitude out there. today the pacific maritime association is shutting down organizations at 29 west coast sports, including oakland. operators say they will reopen tomorrow, but then close down again saturday, sunday, and monday. the operators say they're doing it to avoid paying high wages on holidays and weekends. the longshoremen's union says
5:35 am
it's a setback for workers who want to move cargo off the docks and people who rely on those ports, including truckers who are stuck with empty shipping containers. >> we have no place to take them. the ports won't accept them, the term unless. a lot of the steamship lines are just saying, "deal with it. the the trucking companies say they are being charged between 2,000 and $20,000 a day for not returning the containers the shipping companies. contract talks between the terminal operators and dock workers union are scheduled to resume this afternoon. president obama is expected to arrive. now, his visit comes as the u.s. debates stepping up the fight against islamic state militants. ktvu fox two reporter brian flores in our newsroom. you have more details about the president's visit. >> reporter: good morning. certainly a lot on the president's plate nowadays. he'll be in the bay area talk tackle cyber security,
5:36 am
as you mentioned. this is a white house sponsored events that will bring experts all over to discuss the best way to keep web sites and the internet protected. air force one scheduled to land at sfo this evening at 5:30. then, on friday night, the president plans to attend a fundraiser at a private home on san francisco's russian hill. that then he'll spend a second night in the bay area before leaving after ten saturday morning. he'll head to palm springs, where he'll spend the weekend. no word yet if first lady michelle obama will join the president in palm springs for the valentine's weekend. in the meantime n d.c., congress is debating president obama's request to youth military force against islamic militants. republicans don't think the president's request goes far enough. democrats think it could lead to combat forces on the ground. the war authorization request from the president sets a time frame of three years, and prohibits, quote,
5:37 am
here endure offensive ground operations. >> enduring offensive operations means, and deliberately i think drafted to be ambiguous. >> it is not the authorization of another ground war, likeing the or iraq. >> the president's point is that he wants to dismantle and december industry isis. i haven't seen a string i think will accomplish that. >> the war authorization would allow the use of u.s. troops in rescue operations and when the president deems necessary. and some say the wording of the war authorization is too ambiguous. the white house says that's intentional, said the president can have the flexibility to act in this ever changing military conflict. dave, back to you. >> okay. brian flores in our newsroom. thank you it man accused of trying to run over a santa clara police officer in sunnyvale has been arrested. san francisco general hospital called sunnyvale police monday night after a man
5:38 am
who had been shot showed up there. he's identified as 30-year-old danny rodriguez garcia, a burglary suspect who tried to run over a police officer who was pursuing him monday night. that officer was not hurt. he opened fire as rodrigo garcia drove away. it is a golf term, almost as many hollywood stars as top golfers. kicked off this morning. celebrities include, of course, clint eastwood, bill murray, ray romano, josh duhamel. ktvu's alex savage is going to have a live report from pebble beach coming up in our next hour. time is 5:38 i didn't win the lottery. three powerball lottery tickets were sold in north carolina, puerto rico, and texas. they won the $564 million powerball jackpot. the winning numbers were drawn at 7:59 last night. the jackpot was the third
5:39 am
biggest in powerball history. it now goes back to $40 million, only 40 million for the next powerball drawing on saturday. now, a ticket that was purchased at leandro matched five of the six numbers in last night's drawing to win $1.4 million. it was sold at the pop top market and liquor on east 14 street. that store will get $7,000 for selling the ticket. two other tickets in california also matched five of the six numbers. they were sold in mono county and orange county. 5:39 is the time. it is meant to be an alternative to the use of lethal police force. >> like an air bag for a bull let. >> coming up in our next half hour, the device that can slow down bull lets, and the one city it is being tested in. start dancing. starting the morning with a full-on dance party? it's a new trend.
5:40 am
taking hold in san francisco to get people energized for the day. >> you might want to take some of that energy to the east bay commute. it's getting slower in some of these areas. just down the road, you'll see slow traffic. we'll tell you more coming up. . >> mother nature is dancing as fast as she can to give record highs. there were some yesterday, possible for a few today. we'll take a look. our vision for partnering with more farmers, growers manufacturers is that eventually organic and natural will be the norm. for raley's that means a lot more organic and natural options on the shelf. and for our consumers, that means having a lot more affordable and readily available, healthy products to feed their families. sustainability is about making a difference in our community. it's about being happy, healthy and well for many years to come. to learn more, visit raley's family of stores on youtube.
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ñzuuap uhá;
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5:43 am
a self-pro claimed atheist shot varakat's brother, wife, wife's sister tuesday night. varacat said her brother was kind, light-handed and just got married. >> witness excused weeks ago, i cried tears of joy at my baby brother's wedding. today we are crying tears of unimaginable pain over the execution-style murders of my brother dia, his bride usa, and her younger sister and best friend rosen. >> the shooting suspect, 46- year-old craig hicks, described himself as a gun- toting atheist. he says that on social media. he went on facebook to blame
5:44 am
muslims and chance for society's problems. now, he's charged now with three counts of first-degree murder. so far investigators say the dispute was over a parking spot. several vigils are planned in the bay area tonight for the victims at a service at 6:00 p.m. at the san francisco family health center along with memorials at san jose state and santa clara university. today the head of the fbi will weigh in on the politically charged issue of race relations in america in a speech at georgetown university, fbi director james kearney will discuss the relationship between police officers and african americans in particular following deadly confrontations in ferguson, missouri, and new york city. ''the new york times" reports, in his speech, he will say in areas where nonwhite people commit a majority of the crimes, police can become cynical and develop, quote, mental shortcuts to lead them to
5:45 am
more closely scrutinize minority groups. gavin knewsome made it official. he announced he will be running for governor in 2018. . >> it's a long way away in terms of resource, in terms. >> reporter: fund raiseing? >> fund raising as well. just being honest about it. super pacs opening up every single day. we're also living in a world where there's folks out there that we haven't talked about, speculated that can write a check tomorrow. >> reporter: newsome said he would like to focus on potential mobility, education, environmental issues. his possible competitors include los angeles mayor eric garciatti, and neil carscari who ran against brown last year. if you would like to listen to the lieutenant governor's entire conversation, we have post id it on under "top videos."
5:46 am
. this one is for pam cook a. state law maker in montana tried, but he lost his battle to ban yoga pants. the lawmaker's bill would have expanded the definition of indecent exposure to include any garment that gives appearance of a person's private parts, and he singled out yoga pants as something he thinks should be illegal in public. members of a legislative panel actually giggled when the bill came up for a vote last night. they tabled it without even having a discussion. here's a side note. in montana, a person who's convicted of indecent exposure three times, they could get life in jail. if you are looking for a better way to start your day than the alarm clock and coffee, how about a dance party? . >> the idea of an early-morning dance session has migrated to san francisco from new york at 7:00 a.m. on wednesday mornings. a variety of companies have been holding the
5:47 am
two-hour parties that include djs, decorations, and some coffee p. party was held yesterday morning at galvanize tech start-up in the market area. >> once i do this a couple hours, i have so much good energy. like the rest of the day, i'll just be happy year, more energy i can. just, like, in a better mood. >> might need to take a shower after. organizers say besides being a fun way to start the day, the parties are a good place to network and meet new people. >> what are you going to wear to your party? . >> i love that idea. need to do dancing in the newsroom. >> it eels all about the bass. >> i'm definitely going to wear my yoga pants. sal is all set, take care of our commute. >> can i recommend an ú8 0s tune? . >> which one? . >> still jamming tune that still gets your heart. it's "blue monday" by new order. look that up. we'll have steve play it for you. some people know what i'm talking about. that's a good one.
5:48 am
>> if you can't picture -- >> i'll play it for you. >> okay. good morning for everyone, those of you know the wink, that song. let's get out to the toll plaza area, 880, east bay. we're going to look at 880. if you're driving to the toll plaza from 880, looks very good all the way up into the toll plaza area. 580 also looks good as you drive to the toll plaza. once you get there, the metering lights have been turned on. backed up from the mac arthur maze. metering lights are on. no problems in san francisco. we're also looking at the south bay, and the traffic continues to look good here as you drive-through. no major problems on 101, although you are seeing a little bit of slow traffic as you drive-through. but if you're on 85 or 280, steve, 85 or 280, steve, boy that looks good. >> i'm going now then. >> all right. >> how about some duran duran? . >> i like duran. >> here you go, sal.
5:49 am
>> keep it right in there sal. >> this was the jam back in the day, let me tell you. live 105, when i was a dj there. >> . >> he's the manful tell him i said hello. he is very good. we have warm temps from california. how warm is it? it's so warm, johnny carson. it's going to be near 90 for some in southern california today. very quiet out there. it's very quiet. high pressure is building in. we lose a lot of these higher clouds. this is really -- this is really sad to be honest with you. south lake tahoe yesterday, 54. that was a record high. that is the sixth record high in february, and it's possible they may 4 more next 4 days. that's how warm it is. long beach 87, looking for 89 today, camarillo 83. lake arrowhead was 62.
5:50 am
unbelievably warm. today, temperatures -- by the way, it happened on february 8th. santa barbara's low was 60 degrees. that is the highest minimum temperature ever in february for them. what about here? san rafael will be close today? the record they have to tie or beat is 71 degrees. oakland looks like they'll be right there. livermore is 74. mountainview will be closed, san jose will not. but there will be a few today that will probably tie or set records today. oakland would be one. now, the airport is 69. downtown is 70. that's where we're going with today. we're starting off very mild for some. a ridge of high pressure continues to say, "you know, i like the california air, so i'm going to stick around a little bit." everything goes way up and over, except for a few high clouds, which continue to kind of just meander. yesterday we had a couple upper 30s. here's your warm air aloft,
5:51 am
building in. a little hint of an offshore breeze. looking for 87 today in los angeles, 49 in monta ray. where is that -- right there. look at that signature. that's the deep cold air. that's what's plunging in. going to go all the way down to the deep south. you can see how these systems are developing. looks like a pretty good snow producer might be in the little forecast for the northeast by the weekend. it's cold. for us it's warm, and it's going to stay mild to warm. a warmer thursday. no doubt about it. for some it's record-setting warm. high pressure's here. looks like it's really not going to back off a while. a little fog in the valley. high clouds, hazy skies, chilly lows. not as cold. warm toward the south bay, also santa cruz. santa cruz about 77 today. 6 0s, 7 0s. morgan hill will go 74. these are way above average.
5:52 am
looks like the warmest day will be friday, saturday, mild sunday, monday. beach picnic for valentine's day. >> that's right. that's this saturday. >> it is. >> sunny and warm. >> sunny and warm. >> maybe some nice yoga outfits. >> yoga on the hillside, by the beach. 5:52 is the time. some eagle-eyed netflix users got a sneak peek at the third season of "house of cards." the mistake that put new episodes of the political thriller online two weeks before it's release. plus fulfilling a dying wish. after the break, how a young cancer victim's huge act of kindness is helping others battling the same disease.
5:53 am
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two men came charging at him, shouting, and armed with pipes, causing him to crash. the men then punched and kicked him. he tells "the press democrat" he and his wife fled violence swell la last year to escape violence. he's holding down three jobs, had recently bought the mini van, and is still making loan payments. the two men arrested for the attack told police they had been watching the neighborhood for a man they suspected of recent thefts in the area, but police now say that may not have been the true motive. time is 5:55. new this morning, there's word travel web site expedia is buying its rival, orbitz. this comes less than a month after expedia said it was buying travelocity. orbitz also owns cheap tickets
5:56 am
and hotel clubs. expedia already owns hotwire and orbitz' shareholders, they still have to approve that deal. to a very emotional, yet inspiring story out of portland oregon. the family of a girl dying from cancer fulfilled her wish by donating half of her savings to the organization that helped her in her battle. before ella died two years ago, she wrote a will, donating half of her life savings to the children's cancer association. it was $296.55. westerfield's parent say that the organization helped ella during her two- after-a-half year fight against cancer, and donating money is a great way to help an organization doing really important work. all right. our time is 5:56. still ahead, a deadly shooting in san jose. why officers say they opened fire and the question a friend of the suspect is asking
5:57 am
this. >> plus thousands of bart riders possibly exposed to measles. . >> we are taking it to the. we're in the city looking at 101 northbound approaching the split. looks good. getting to the city from the bay bridge, that's another story. more about that straight ahead. >> record highs have been set in sierra nevada, southern california. what about here? . on tempur-pedic. plus, free delivery, set up and removal of your old set. and sleep train's 100-day money back guarantee. keep more presidents in your wallet. this special financing offer ends presidents' day at sleep train. ...guaranteed! ♪ sleep train ♪ ♪ your ticket to a better night's
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sleep ♪ ♪ with kaiser permanente you'll connect with your doctor any time anywhere. another way care and coverage together makes life easier. ♪ become a member of kaiser permanente. because together, we thrive. ♪
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this is mornings on two. >> we are live at the laugh yet bart station. health officials say riders may have been exposed to theses last week. coming up in a few minutes, what we know about the
6:00 am
infected person who rode bart, and where else that person went. let's talk about your weather and traffic. i need to ask steve if you want everybody to wear shorts and sandals. >> later. later. chilly this morning. it's only february, for crying out loud. >> bring out the flip-flops, though,. >> i'll it will you. mid-, upper 7 0s, santa cruz, gillroy


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